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Our Services

Hedgetech offers consulting, training and managed services for Hedge-Tech products, as well as general consulting in the field of financial risk management and control


Insurers have started diversifying into leveraged loans, equities, and alternatives while consolidating and restructuring their business to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Regulatory changes also require insurers to re-evaluate their risk management processes and systems. Insurers today face the challenge of having diverse data managed efficiently and staying on top of portfolio risks while managing costs. Hedgetech allows you to accelerate and automate your operations by managing data at scale, from reconciliation to data quality, without compromising on governance. Hedgetech’s risk management also helps you stay one step ahead of the market at all times. 

Key benefits

Improve Agility

With faster and more efficient data management from Hedgetech, you can expand your investment portfolio, integrate new assets, and incorporate new regions more quickly.

Reduce Operational Costs

Hedgetech's advanced platform, managed services, no-code data management, and efficient risk data solutions help cut operational costs.

Efficient implementation and ongoing maintenance

Hedgetech’s no-code architecture and flexible product design allow you to implement new use-cases quickly as well as maintain operations without the need for external IT resources.

Use Cases

Multi-system aggregation

Hedgetech facilitates multi-system aggregation in insurance data management with no-code integration that unifies data sources.

Solvency compliance

Hedgetech supports regulatory compliance based on built-in tools, reports, and risk analysis to for Solvency Market.

Portfolio optimization

Hedgetech analyzes benchmark-to-market portfolio and competition to help analyze the position and risk level of your investment portfolio. You can quickly iterate over many strategies, compare them with previously saved ones, and select a strategy that will help optimize your current investment portfolio.

4 Pillars

No-code Integration

Manage financial data efficiently while avoiding ad-hoc scripts.

No-code Modeling

Eliminate modeling errors and iterations while implementing a wide range of models without using a single line of code.

Financial Data Integrity Engine

Reduce the number of iterations inconsistency detection and integrity checks.

Custom Book Structure 

Built-in tools and reports help achieve consistency across systems.

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