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Our Services

Hedgetech offers consulting, training and managed services for Hedge-Tech products, as well as general consulting in the field of financial risk management and control


With the rapid and ongoing rise of the crypto and DeFi industry, many have already boarded the crypto train with investments in various cryptocurrencies. Hedgetech interacts with the crypto market and provides analysis solutions to navigate the high volatility of market factors. Hedgetech's analytics tools allow you to slice and dice data, isolate the exact factors you need to analyze and create powerful analytics. Hedgetech's crypto portfolio optimization tools also help investors and lenders manage their data and lending portfolios to facilitate strategy development and optimization.

Key benefits

Easy Transformations and Risk Factor Modelling

Hedgetech's no-code ETL allows for easy data transformation, with convenient and advanced risk factor modeling tools critical for the new and evolving crypto asset class.

Embedded market Data

Hedgetech's cloud stores the collected market data securely and systematically so that you can refer back easily and start analysis quickly while preparing crypto risk-management strategies.

Multi-angle analysis

Hedgetech's conditional risk analysis allows you to analyze your crypto assets' risk from every angle to ensure an efficient asset portfolio.

Possibility of quick iterations

With Hedgetech's Rapid VaR Simulations, you can check the behavior of the crypto assets in your portfolio, make real-time adjustments, and quickly iterate over many strategies.

Cloud Native

Hedgetech's Cloud Native features advanced technology that helps scale the crypto data management process, enabling efficient analyses and risk management of large crypto market datasets.

Use Cases

Multi-system aggregation

Hedgetech helps aggregate crypto data from various systems by unifying complex data sets into one view, repairing data, and transforming it with purpose-built tools.

Market data management

Hedgetech streamlines the collection of crypto data and then applies built-in data management tools like business day adjustments, changing terms, and modeling risk factors to ensure consistency with effective cost management.

White label customer reporting

Hedgetech's crypto management reports help you provide additional services and reporting capabilities for your clients in the form of crypto data management, risk management, and crypto portfolio optimization.

Portfolio optimization

Hedgetech uses the module to analyze hybrid asset portfolios, which include crypto. It helps to determine your crypto assets’ market position and potential. Hedgetech’s Portfolio Optimizer helps you quickly iterate over many strategies, compare them with previously saved ones, and select a plan that will help optimize your current crypto asset portfolio.

4 Pillars

No-code Integration

Manage financial data efficiently while avoiding ad-hoc scripts.

No-code Modeling

Eliminate modeling errors and iterations while implementing a wide range of models without using a single line of code.

Financial Data Integrity Engine

Reduce the number of iterations inconsistency detection and integrity checks.

Custom Book Structure and Easy Compliance

Built-in tools and reports help achieve consistency across systems and enable easy compliance with regulatory requirements.

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