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Our Services

Hedgetech offers consulting, training and managed services for Hedge-Tech products, as well as general consulting in the field of financial risk management and control


The current regulatory regime requires banks to re-evaluate their data management and risk management systems. It can be challenging to manage data processes while focusing on capital efficiency and aggressively managing costs. With Hedgetech’s advanced data management and risk management platforms you can analyze and control Market Risk, Liquidity Risk, and more, with ease at your bank.

Key Benefits

Analyzing Risk
Hedgetech's built-in reporting works in tandem with mainstream and extended risk analysis models to help banks manage their risk.

Cloud-Scale and Flexibility
Store large volumes of financial risk data conveniently with Hedgetech's flexible and scalable Data Cloud. With all your data stored securely and managed efficiently, you can refer to previous data quickly when preparing new risk strategies.

Efficient implementation and ongoing maintenance

Hedgetech’s no-code architecture and flexible product design allow you to implement new use-cases quickly as well as maintain operations without the need for external IT resources

Use Cases

Financial data integrity

Hedgetech's RiskCloud features integrity indicators, reports, and analytics tools for verification of financial data integrity.

Risk and regulatory data mart

Hedgetech offers no-code ETL for unifying data sources, integrity checks for inconsistency detection, and serving as an end-to-end risk and regulatory data mart.

Regulatory compliance

Hedgetech supports regulatory compliance based on built-in tools, reports, and risk analysis to support regulatory requirements.

Front-office to back-office (FOBO) data management

Hedgetech's no-code modeling and financial data integrity engine help streamline and manage front-office to back-office data efficiently, while its custom book structure ensures consistency across systems.

4 Pillars

No-code Integration

Manage financial data efficiently while avoiding ad-hoc scripts.

No-code Modeling

Eliminate modeling errors and iterations while implementing a wide range of models without using a single line of code.

Financial Data Integrity Engine

Reduce the number of iterations inconsistency detection and integrity checks.

Custom Book Structure 

Built-in tools and reports help achieve consistency across systems.

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