Leading platform for Market & Credit risk management

Hedgetech solves our clients’ most complex problems in risk management with advanced platforms, managed services, and risk data solutions. With expertise across multiple financial sectors – from insurance to banking – we develop leading platforms supported by cutting edge algorithms.
Our experience allows us to successfully manage risk for over $200b in AUM.


Data Treatment

Our advanced data treatment tools allow ingesting and unifying complex data sets into one view. Transform, unify, control and repair your data with purpose built tools.

Risk Management Process

Our platforms and methodologies add value across every step of the risk management process. From data ingestion to strategic portfolio management, we provide the tools you need to manage your risk.


Collect data

Powerful ETL unifies data sources


Pre-processing & enrichment

AI powered Inconsistency detection


Risk analysis

Mainstream & extended models, regulation, attribution tools


Bench marking

Benchmark to market portfolio & competition


Strategy development

Synthetic portfolios & what if real time simulation


Advanced Methodologies

We employ advanced methodologies to allow our customers to proactively manage their risks. Some of the tools we offer include:

Understand impact of intraday movements on positions. Critical for understanding trading desk risks.

Map out your risks based on conditional future scenarios.

Build rational scenarios with ease across hundreds of risk factors to stress test your portfolio in extreme market conditions.


Our products support risk management across a variety of financial institutions for regulatory compliance, portfolio optimization and hedging optimization



The CompuRisk platform addresses a wide range of areas in market risk, credit risk, and optimal portfolio management.


Risk Orbit

The Risk Orbit platform operates in near real-time to calculate CFD risk exposure using our unique methodology, resolving critical non-standard requirements of CFD trading.


Risk Cloud

The RiskCloud cloud-based risk management platform supports a range of risk management needs for both real-time and regulatory compliance applications.

Our Services

Hedge-Tech offers consulting, training and managed services for Hedge-Tech products, as well as general consulting in the field of financial risk management and control


Consulting & training

Hedge-Tech provides training in company products, general training in risk management, and consulting in financial risk management and financial instruments.


Deployment & integration

Hedge-Tech provides full and partial deployment and integration services.


Managed services

Our platforms are designed with a focus on ease-of-use, however, customers can also use managed services to run platforms on Hedge-Tech systems.


Regulation & solvency

CompuRisk addresses multiple regulatory requirements of financial institutions, insurance institutions, index fund managers, and more.

We’ve been using CompuRisk for the last 12 years for both strategic risk management and regulatory compliance. From the start Hedge-Tech provided excellent support – in integrating our entire portfolio in under 4 weeks. Their platform delivers fast results and high modeling flexibility.

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Latest Positions

We’re constantly growing our team to build great risk management products and algorithms. Check out our openings to join our team

  • Full-Stack Developer - Tel-Aviv
    • Must have:

      • At least 3 years of experience in node.js/java in a web application environment.

      • At least 3 years experience with React, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, WebSockets

      • 2 years experience and deep understanding of backend architectures, APIs, and communication protocols

      • At least 1 year Docker/Kubernetes experience

    • Advantages:

      • FastApi/express or SpringBoot experience.

      • Experience working in agile environments

      • Experience with TDD

      • Understanding and experience with NoSQL databases

      • Advanced CI/CD and DevOps technologies (defining CI workflows in Jenkins or other CI systems, Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, or alternative)

      • Open-source contributions – strong bonus

      • Advanced CI/CD and DevOps technologies (defining CI workflows in Jenkins or other CI systems, Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, or alternative)

      • Open-source contributions – strong bonus

  • Backend Analytics Developer - Tel-Aviv

    Position Description

    Backend developer for a team working on development of a quantitative engine for analyzing financial data. In particular, the engine includes valuation of many asset classes and derivatives types, portfolio level value distribution and statistics, backtesting, and more.

    The jobs will include processing of financial data, expansion of current engine capabilities (e.g. adding support for additional asset classes or derivative types), and implementation of new algorithms related to performance and risk measurement and analysis.


    • Must have:

      • At least 5 years experience as a developer.

      • At least 3 years experience with scientific/data related development.

      • At least 1 year experience with python’s scientific stack, e.g. NumPy, Pandas, etc.

      • Undergraduate level knowledge of linear algebra, probability, and statistics. I.e. comfortable working with matrices, knowledge of common probability distributions, and understanding of statistical estimation.

    • Advantages:

      • Familiarity with quantitative finance modeling, e.g. Black-Scholes.

      • Experience with AWS.

      • Experience with distributed computing/big data (Dask, Spark, etc.).

      • Familiarity with AI/ML related modeling and tooling (PyTorch, TensorFlow, etc.).

      • Experience working in agile environments.

      • Experience with TDD.

      • Open-source contributions – strong bonus.