Our services

Hedge-Tech offers consulting, training and managed services for Hedge-Tech products, as well as general consulting in the field of financial risk management and control


Consulting & training

Hedge-Tech provides training in company products, general training in risk management, and consulting in financial risk management and financial instruments. For example:

  • Model validation
  • Model development
  • Adaptation to regulation
  • Financial instrument pricing
  • Tools for measuring risk exposure
  • Scenario construction and sensitivity analysis
  • Explanation of risk exposures

Deployment & integration

Hedge-Tech provides full and partial deployment and integration services. Services includes adapting client data to platform, data preparation, platform configuration to client needs, and training. Deployment and integration done based on structured methodology developed at Hedge-Tech


Managed services

Our platforms are designed with a focus on ease-of-use, however, customers can also use managed services to run platforms on Hedge-Tech systems. In this case, client shares portfolio structure and receives detailed statistical analysis and reporting to meet their needs: level of exposure, mitigation steps, etc.


Regulation & solvency

CompuRisk addresses multiple regulatory requirements of financial institutions, insurance institutions, index fund managers, and more. We provide consulting solutions for meeting regulatory requirements: regulation principles, system integration to meet integration, etc.