Risk Orbit

Advanced CFD exposure optimization

The Risk Orbit platform allows advanced CFD exposure optimization through our proprietary near-real-time risk methodology. The platform employs real-time data ingestion, intra-day analytics, and order level risk to resolve critical non-standard issues in CFD trading

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The Risk Orbit platform resolves critical CFD trading risk requirements:

  • High frequency trading and short holding periods
  • Fluctuations in volatility
  • Orders and open positions combined effect on risk exposure
  • Non linearity properties due to Stop and Limit orders
  • Sophisticated and intuitive interfaces that allow easy drill down capability
  • Near real-time computation critical for CFD risk platforms
  • Rapid integration – quick interfacing with client systems and data integration
  • Client notifications for easy monitoring
  • Excel exports
  • Historic reports
  • Detailed and aggregated error logs
  • Risk exposure by multiple hierarchies: client / instrument, instrument / client, and more