Risk Cloud

Hedge-Tech’s next-generation cloud-based risk platform – RiskCloud – is based on cutting edge cloud infrastructure and analytical algorithms.
The financial risk management needs of financial institutions today are constantly evolving. Increased regulatory complexity, market disruption, and changing customer needs mean that your company needs scalable and flexible risk management capabilities. RiskCloud enables the high scalability needed today, coupled with a powerful ETL that unifies data sources, integration of AI to support error detection and better modeling, and more powerful insight than ever before.
RiskCloud’s user interface incorporates the latest designs and methodologies to help the user navigate seamlessly from data ingestion to strategic decision making, as well as including powerful visualization capabilities.

Risk Cloud Image v2

RiskCloud enables high scale and flexibility:

  • Cloud-based infrastructure
  • Powerful ETL for unifying data sources
  • AI-powered error detection and modelling
  • Advanced visualization
  • Cloud-enabled scale – high computational and contract capacity supported by advanced cloud infrastructure and computational clusters
  • Near real-time computation – critical for dynamic portfolios
  • Rapid integration – quick interfacing with client systems and data integration
  • Client notifications – for robust monitoring capabilities
  • Benchmarking – compare portfolio performance with market and
    simulated competitor portfolios
  • Strategy – assess portfolio structure changes with advanced simulations and analytics
  • Advanced methodologies – apply advanced methodologies such as path, conditional VaR and others